E30 M3 Evo1 and 320i Cab from Spain

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Hi Sebastian, thanks for your reply. You're right, they were officially named as Evolutionsmotor. In fact, I have an original BMW document that speaks specifically of our cars.

I am attaching information extracted directly from the website

Evolution I (AK01, non-catalyst): 505 produced 02/1987 through 05/1987 (includes the French-market "Tour de Corse" edition

What distinguishes an E30 M3 Evolution I?

The initial E30 M3 Evolution was created to homologate refinements to the E30 M3 designed to make it more competitive in its competition guise. The main mechanical alteration was a revised cylinder head, distinguishable by an "E" cast into it, though peak power remained unchanged from the standard non-catalyst M3 at 200 hp (DIN). The model is otherwise identical to a standard European-spec E30 M3 and lacks a numbered dash plaque or any other identifying feature to denote this special series. A total of 505 examples were produced with consecutive ViNs (2190283 through 2190787) during March and April of 1987.

Evo 1 (340/505)

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